Unique technologies for unique capabilities

Same technology foundation

All the solutions in the GICAM line – GICAM 600, GICAM 2000, GICAM 2000H – are designed specifically for additive manufacturing, and share the same technologies, whether it’s the patented Sotimeco printing nozzle, the multi-material powder/wire distribution system, or the patented dual material distributor technology. This choice enables us to offer machines with unique capabilities, differentiated by the print volume and options they accept.

DED/WLAM laser nozzle

The patented Laser DED/WLAM nozzle with steerable energy source fitted to all our solutions enables us to produce simple or complex shapes of any size, based on any type of material previously unachievable, while drastically reducing the consumption of raw materials and energy required for manufacturing. An essential advantage over competing solutions, this nozzle, developed in collaboration with ENSAM (École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers, France), provides unrivalled precision of the material transport jet and maintains optimum position and quality of the molten bath.

An optical strioscopy analysis of the transport gas flow exiting a conventional three-jet nozzle (competing solution technology) carried out by Onera (Office National d’Etudes et de Recherches Aérospatiales, Lille/France) revealed the severe turbulence generated at the intersection of the three gas jets of the conventional nozzle.

Sotimeco’s single-jet technology, on the other hand, demonstrated that it generates a precise jet that is perfectly straight and constant, enabling the material to be guided with remarkable precision.
Solutions concurrentes (à gauche) vs. technologie
Classic nozzle accuracy Sotimeco nozzle accuracy
(3-jets technology) (single-jet technology)

Optimum energy consumption

Our patented rotating laser printing nozzle offers unique precision and reduced power consumption compared to competing three-jet solutions: material savings of up to 50%, high manufacturing speed and optimized energy consumption.

Double powder distributor, double wire distributor

The patented multi-material distribution system (powders or wires) means that Sotimeco solutions can be used with a very wide range of materials (steels, alloys, etc.) and applications (production, reliability, part repair, etc.).
Here are just a few examples of the materials available:
– Steels
– Stainless steels
– Cobalt bases (Stellite, Tribaloy)
– Nickel bases (Deloro, Hastelloy)
– Copper bases (Bronze, Brass, …)
– Inconel
– Titanium
– Aluminum
– Ceramics (oxides, carbides)

Multi-material manufacturing

Double-distributor technology enables the manufacture of parts made of 2 materials, for example a steel core covered by a stellite surface.

Gradient materials

Dual powder distributor technology creates a mix of materials in precise, variable proportions, enabling the creation of parts with unique properties.

3+3-axis and 6+2-axis architecture

Thanks to our 3+3-axis (GICAM 600) and 6+2-axis (GICAM 2000, GICAM 2000H) architectures, the model and nozzle can be constantly reoriented to avoid the creation of time- and material-consuming support structures.

Patented hybrid technology

Our GICAM 2000H hybrid solution combines a 3D laser print head and a machining head in the same machine. The parts produced require no finishing or post-processing.

Interchangeability and flexibility

Our Laser cladding rotary heads offer users a great deal of freedom. These heads are perfectly interchangeable, so you can meet all your needs with a single machine.