Sotimeco Services

A complete range of services based on our solutions

Manufacturing, Prototyping, Pre-production

To enable you to evaluate the quality and advanced technology of our solutions, or simply to benefit from our expertise, we can manufacture, repair or (re)design your parts.

Custom design

All our solutions are adaptable to your requirements and can be enhanced with a wide range of options.

Repair, Welding, Metallizing

Refurbishment and reliability of your parts.
Laser/3D reloading, laser/3D welding.

Integration, Training

We design and implement our solutions.
Your teams are then trained in the use of our machines.

Reliability, Retro-Engineering

We can (re)design or optimize your parts.


In addition to consulting and support, we also provide maintenance services for our machines, guaranteeing you the continued industrial use of our solutions.