3D Metal Printing Solutions

We design and produce metal additive manufacturing solutions for a wide range
of applications and industries, cost-effective and immediately operational.

GICAM Solutions

Flexible, compact and affordable additive patented manufacturing machines, ideal for
producing simple or complex shapes of all sizes, designed and manufactured in France.
Multi-material technology, powders and wires.

Metal parts manufacturing
and prototyping service

Mass production of high-strength metal parts.
Prototyping, repair, design or reverse engineering of metal parts.

Compact and versatileGICAM 600

Compact and multipurpose, ideal for the manufacture of small and medium-sized parts, in prototyping or series production.

Large production volumeGICAM 2000

Manufacture parts of all sizes (up to 2m3 or more), offering unrivalled flexibility in the manufacturing process.
Ideal for large-scale production.

3D Hybrid technologyGICAM 2000H

Manufacture parts of all sizes (up to 2m3 or more). Hybrid 3D laser/machining technology to produce parts requiring no finishing or post-processing operations.
Ideal for manufacturing finished parts.

Industry & high-tech

Solutions designed specifically for additive manufacturing
Axis machine
X + Y
Wire + powder
To enable you to judge the quality of our solutions, or simply to benefit from our expertise, we can manufacture, repair or (re)design your parts.
Restoration and improvement of the reliability of your parts.
Laser/3D coating, laser/3D welding.
We can (re)design or optimize your parts.
All our solutions are adaptable to your requirements and can be enhanced with a wide range of options.
We design and implement our solutions. Your teams are then trained to use our machines.

In addition to consulting and support, we also provide maintenance services for our machines, guaranteeing you the continued industrial use of our solutions.

They speak about us

CLEXTRAL SASPhilippe Convers, lndustrial Project Manager

We are at the end of a trial campaign with Sotimeco solutions for extruder components subject to very high mechanical stress and wear. To date, parts produced using Sotimeco's DED WLAM process are being tested by a pilot customer. Initial results are extremely promising, both in terms of mechanical strength and wear resistance, at a cost lower than or equal to our current costs, and with much shorter lead-times - 4 to 5 weeks for parts produced by Sotimeco, compared with our in-house lead-times of 3 months.

Sefard SAPatricia BOUEME, CEO

The tests and developments we carried out using Sotimeco's metal additive manufacturing solutions on behalf of an aeronautical equipment manufacturer far exceeded our expectations, both in terms of wear resistance and manufacturing cost and quality. Sotimeco's technology enabled us to provide our customer with a high-performance solution.

Group Challenge-SSébastien Baud, CEO

Thanks to the versatility of the GICAM 2000, we were able to repair parts that had previously been considered disposable. Their innovative technology has enabled us not only to regenerate our customers' tools, but also to extend their service life, thereby reducing overall costs. A CSR approach fully validated by Sotimeco technology.

Ecole PolytechniqueManas Vijay UPADHYAY, Assistant Professor

Sotimeco supplied us with a GICAM 600 in 2022, with results that exceeded our expectations, particularly in terms of product test quality, versatility and precision. Sotimeco's technology has been selected at European level. We also greatly appreciate the responsiveness and professionalism of the Sotimeco team.

Sotimeco’s DED metal additive manufacturing technology (DED2LEARN project) is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The Region and the European Union are supporting the Sotimeco project as part of the European Union’s stimulus package in response to the COVID-19 pandemic under the FEDER/FSE(Aquitaine/Limousin/Poitou-Charentes) 2014-2020 Operational Program.