The ideal technological response to industrial needs


GICAM 2000H is the technically ideal hybrid solution for metal additive manufacturing: it has all the advantages of GICAM 2000 for additive manufacturing, plus a fully integrated machining center that enables it to perform post-processing operations (finishing, etc.) on parts manufactured by the laser print head.
GICAM 2000H has been specifically designed to combine the best of both worlds – additive and subtractive manufacturing – to produce parts of any size requiring no post-processing operations. The machining center integrated into GICAM 2000H benefits from Sotimeco’s patented rigidification technology, which enables it not only to be moved around the entire printing volume, but above all to control the vibrations inherent in any machining system. This technology enables the GICAM 2000H to achieve a high degree of finishing.
Like all GICAM solutions, GICAM 2000H is equipped with all Sotimeco technologies: patented Sotimeco DED/WLAM laser printing nozzle, which can be changed from WLAM/wire to LMD/powder, multi-material feed (double powder feed + double wire feed), ability to print in mono or bi-materials, or to mix materials in precise and variable proportions, enabling the manufacture of parts with unique properties.
Last but not least, GICAM 2000H benefits from a design 100% optimized for additive + subtractive manufacturing, and a monolithic architecture that enables it to be integrated simply and rapidly into any industry, whether for manufacturing, repair or prototyping.
GICAM 2000


5280 x 2730 x 2730 mm

Printing technology

DED/WLAM laser nozzle.
Patented rotating laser printing nozzle (material savings of up to 50%, rapid production, optimized energy consumption).
Raw material feed (powders or wires) on-board the head, close to the process.
Interchangeable rotary laser cladding head.

Machining technology

Machining center with 3 orthogonal linear axes
Power 3.8[4.5]kW
Automatic tool changes
Sotimeco’s patented rigidification technology

Material deposition speed

Up to 1kg/h.

Material distribution system

Patented dual-material dispensing system: powders or wires.
For each type of material, a double powder distributor and a double wire distributor make it possible to create parts composed of 2 materials (e.g. a steel core covered with a stellite surface), or to create a mixture of materials in precise, variable proportions.

Printing volume

2000 x 1000 x 1000 mm

Laser power

2kW @ 1080 nm


Fanuc dual-encoder robot (particularly suited to environments requiring precision and constant force)

Movement axes

6+2-axis technology: 6 axes for the head allow the model and nozzle to be constantly reoriented to avoid the creation of time- and material-consuming support structures + 2-axis positioner

Control interface

Control interface with console and dual 24ʺ display.

Process monitoring

Two optical cameras provide real-time visualization of the process: a process supervision camera (laser diode lighting adapted to environments with high thermal emission) + a general supervision camera.


Control of flows, pressures, flow rates (material feed, cooling, protective/transport gases), dew point, temperature amplitude. Oxygen control (inerting option).
Hygrometry and temperature control inside powder tanks.

CAM/CAD software

Compatible with a wide range of CAM software (Rhinorobot/Adaone/NX/…)


CE conformity